"So many great days of adventures! We hiked the Byzantine ruins. It was amazing to visit  the ancient city.  After our hike, we made our way to a wonderful bakery and had spinach cheese pies.  Each village we visited is unique.  One village had calla lilies 6 feet tall and hundred year old olive trees terraced up the hillside. 

Some mornings I got up for yoga.  That was wonderful - so good to stretch and relax.  I decided today to relax and take a long nap instead of going to the museum! 

Here is a picture of me enjoying a delicious lunch with homegrown organic salads!  The food here is so good.  Carl and I are trying to find the best calamari!  -Peg M. 


Visiting Greece was a delight for ALL of my senses. From the beauty and splendor of the art and history,  the aroma of wild herbs and lemon orchards, the feel of the warmth of the sun and gentle breezes, the delight of my taste buds with every morsel of food, to the sounds of the wonderful music.  It was all such a treat.   Beginning each day having Jeanne lead us in yoga was a lovely way to start the morning and set the stage for each lovely day ahead.  Jeanne and George took great care to ensure that everyone's needs were met. They took all the work out of the trip, making all the arrangements and reservations, leaving me to just kick back and enjoy!  Now that's what I call a vacation!   Laurie C. 

It was a fabulous trip. It was a fabulous experience.  It was a dream come true! I would highly recommend anyone to join Jeanne and George on a trip to Greece.  Make one of your own dreams come true.    - Laurie C. 


Traveling with Jeanne and George to Greece was a very special trip for us.   We experienced the art, culture and history of this country through their eyes and the love they share for George's homeland.  All accommodations were excellent and centrally located. This is the immersion of being in the historic places that you once read about and studied.  Carolyn M. 

The island of Kythera is a non-tourist gem. The bed and breakfast, yoga on the beach, exploring and being one with the island and its people was a gift of a life time.  Jeanne and George are totally committed to the high quality of the trip they plan. -  Ed R.

"The trip was perfect!  In Athens, our hotel was centrally located and overlooked  the Acropolis which was beautifully lit at night. The breakfasts were wonderful and we loved the roof top lounge. On Kythera, our  picturesque guest house with gardens  overlooked the sea.  So relaxing!   We had time to hike and explore  AND relax.  Yoga on the beach with Jeanne was a high light."   - Bonnie C.