Yoga Instructor - Jeanne Deignan-Kosmides

Jeanne applies her 30 years of yoga teaching to a number of wellness and mindfulness programs. Jeanne is a psychotherapist. Jeanne developed the Greek Island Yoga Retreat in 2007. Please friend Jeanne on Facebook and take a look at our Facebook Group Page: Greek Island Yoga Retreat for more details and pictures.  



Thank you so much for your interest.  Please send your name, contact information and any questions.   

Guide / Historian / Translator - George Kosmides

 George has lived in and traveled throughout Greece.  He speaks the Greek language and is an excellent historian.  Both of George's maternal grandparents grew up on the island of Kythera.  


T: 410-952-9173 (cell) 

Yoga Instructor - Mary (Mira) Tessman

Mira brings over 20 years of yoga and meditation teaching, along with a very vibrant and positive energy. Additionally, Mira is a mindfulness-based clinical psychotherapist and uses a body-oriented approach in her private practice.