HISTORY OF KYTHERA:  There are over 200 populated islands in Greece.  Kythera is one of the magnificient islands off of the beaten track - very peaceful. Many have said "It doesn't get better than this!"   One passes serenely from the busy reality of life to relaxation.  Kythera is one of the Mediterranean's best kept secrets unspoiled yet accessible from Athens by air and ferry.  Mountains, waterfalls, beaches, of all shapes and colors, Minoan sanctuaries, Byzantine churches and many other attractions await you. 

One of the many beautiful villages we will visit in Kythera!

One of the many beautiful villages we will visit in Kythera!

Kythera is at the meeting point of the Ionian, Aegean and Cretan seas.  This geographical position, at a vital point on the sea route linking east and west has given Kythera a rich historical and cultural past, including settlements by the Byzantine empire, raids by the Slavs and Arabs, then passing into the hands of the Venetians, Turks and Russians occupation, and finally the French and English before becoming part of Greece in 1864.  There are a large number  architectural and archaeological sites rom Prehistoric, Classical, Christian and modern times including monasteries, castles, fine houses, settlements, mosaics and other treasures.  Each little village we will pass through is unique and picturesque.  Mylopotamos is one of the beautiful villages we will spend time visiting! 

Here are some of the highlights of modern day Kythera:

1. Kythera is a hiker's paradise and offers some spectacular trails!

2. The land is unspoiled with wild thyme, jasmine and sage and other fragrant herbs.

3.There are many lovely beaches (over 45 ) including Avelemonas and Kapsali Bay. 

4. If you like coffee, the freddo esspressos is fantastic everywhere! Along with another tasty drink, the Fatourada. 


Kythera is one of the Ionian islands. It is a beautiful island popular with the wealthy Athenians. It is south of the Peloponnesos and the ferry runs from Neapolis, Githion and Kasteli in Crete with a couple boats a week leaving from Pireaus. Nice beaches, beautiful towns. if you are looking for a beautiful off the beaten path island this may be it.  (from Matt's travel website - see below). 


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  3. There are wonderful new trails in Kythera:

Waterfall in charming Milopotamos

Waterfall in charming Milopotamos