The light of Greece opened my eyes, penetrated my pores, expanded my whole being.

— Henry Miller

Please join us in Greece Saturday May 23 to Friday May 29 for a wonderful yoga retreat!  We have combined the vibrancy and eternity of classical Greek Athens with the awe-inspiring beauty of the peaceful island of Kythera!  Join us for this memorable trip! 



Breakfast:  Greek yogurt and honey, fresh fruit and breads, fresh local eggs, local Greek foods, mountain teas, juice and coffee! 

Lunch and Snacks: We will be visiting the Plaka in Athens where you can buy local pitas, olives and fresh foods and drinks.  On the island each village has delicious Greek foods for you to enjoy.

Dinner:  Together we will have a welcome dinner in Athens in the Plaka.  Once we are on the island we will have a Island dinner our first night there as well as a mid-week dinner together.  On our final evening we will celebrate our farewell dinner together.  The Mediterranean diet is known to be healthy, fresh and delicious!  We will try to satisfy your dietary needs.  Please let us know anything specific.